Ruby on Rails Plugins and uses

Plugins is type of programming scripts by which either you can extend existing functionality or add new feature in your application. Plugins generally have well-defined boundary to their possible set of actions. There are many reason to use plug-ins, some of the main reasons are:

  • To reuse the code/functionality so that developer can avoid to built any feature from scratch.
  • To separate source code from existing code.
  • To reduce the size of application.
  • To give other developer to create capabilities to extend application.

The installation process of plugins are very easy. By following command you can install your plugins in your application from command prompt easily:

<your project path> ruby script/plugin install protocol://

There are lots of plugins for Ruby on Rails which you can use easily. Following is the link where you will get lots of plug-ins link.

You can write a plugins and publish too. Following are the link by where you can you can learn how to write a plugins:

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  1. Before adding a module to a project people should think if it could be used across the project. If so rails plugin is a beautiful way to encapsulate a module.
    Thanks for shearing.

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