Dirty checking to warn for unsaved changes using jQuery

Copy following code snippet into the application. dirtyCount() method return the number of fields have unsaved changes.

var dirtyChecking = function () {
$('input, select, textarea').each(function () {
var ele = $(this);

ele.attr('data-old', ele.val());

// Look for changes in the value
ele.on("change keyup paste click", function (event) {
if (ele.attr('data-old') != ele.val()) {
} else {

var dirtyCount = function () {
return $('.unsaved').length;

//Call dirty checking

Copy following code to show unsaved changes warning on form unload or can define of your own

//Bind warning message showing on form unload 
window.onbeforeunload = function (e) {
if (dirtyCount()) {
var message = 'Any unsaved changes will be lost.';
e = e || window.event;

if (e) {
e.returnValue = message;

// For Safari
return message;


  1. Thanks for posting! The warning only fired when reloading the page, not navigating to a new page. Any ideas on how I can fix?

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