Extract Urls from a remote webpage using PHP

Scraping data from website is extremely popular now a days. I have written a simple website parser class to grab all the urls from a website. Shared the class below for all to see and fun.

We will use the parser class below to extract all image sources and hyper links from a website.
Create an instance of WebsiteParser class with a website url to get all the urls from their. And, then call getHrefLinks() and getImageSources() method like below to extract hyper links and image sources respectively.

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  1. i add the proxy values to curl_options array:

    properties in the class:
    * Proxy Address
    * @var int
    private $proxy;

    * Proxy Port
    * @var int
    private $proxy_port;

    * Class constructor
    * @param string $url Target Url to parse
    * @param string $link_type Link type to grab
    * @param int $proxy proxy address
    * @param int $proxy_port proxy port
    function __construct($url, $link_type = 'all', $proxy = 0, $proxy_port = 0) {
    $this->target_url = $url;
    if ($proxy > 0 && $proxy_port > 0) {
    $this->proxy = $proxy;
    $this->proxy_port = $proxy_port;
    $this->curl_options = array_merge (
    array('CURLOPT_PROXY' => $this->proxy, 'CURLOPT_PROXYPORT' => $this->proxy_port));
    } //__construct()

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