Ruby on Rails in Bangladesh

Ruby on Rails has created a buzz in the web development though everything is changing continuously in all over the world. It is open-source, free and highly productive technology which is creating a new highway to connect WEB.

It facilitates web-developers to write good code and providing a beautiful atmosphere with the considerable decrease in the code length and volume. Also capable to challenge big caps like Microsoft ASP.Net

Currently, we did not have enough RoR developers in Bangladesh but growing day by day. Code71 is working on RoR from two years ago (from the very beginning of Rails development in Bangladesh). I am one of them and feel proud to work with RoR in Code71.

One of our best applications is (Agile project management and collaboration tool) which was built using RoR. We have a good number of paid clients who takes the service and manages their project using Scrumpad. Also we are providing efficient service in Ruby on Rails.

Hopefully, in near future Ruby on Rails community will be the largest one in Bangladesh!


  1. you are right . Im using scrumpad it's cool . I think all IT guys should come in a project management tool like this.

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