Sprint review meeting is very helpful in Agile/Scrum process for project development

From April 2007 I am working for Code71 and developed all projects by using Agile/Scrum software development process. Also we have developed Agile project management and collaboration tool during this time.

Our sprint review meeting is very helpful in my point of view which is held on the test release day though agile suggest it on the last day of sprint. During this meeting we shows what works are accomplished in the sprint to make sure that all the works are enclosed correctly. It is type of demo of new features and not spend more than two hours.

At that time we sit together and use projector to review our sprint works and discusses state of our works. Also recommend about the implementation if needed. Most of time we got many early feedbacks/recommendations from team members/product owner though we perform following things during implementation:

  • Design discussion
  • Write Unit/Functional/Integration test codes

Also this session needs for the following reasons:

  • To reduce risk.
  • To determine the overall project is on track?
  • For evaluating the delivered functionality.
  • Determining the sprint goal is achieve or not?

To know the details about Agile/Scrum project development process click to following links:


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