What should be your approach to establish in your life?

In my professional life I have seen people having said following things:

  • I feel frustrated about my status.
  • I am confused what should I learn?
  • How should I learn?
  • How can I learn?
  • I am not interested in subject “Database” or “Design” etc.
  • I Know enough!!!
  • I have not enough time to learn.
  • I don’t know my goal etc.

I want to say the following things for them:

  • Don’t feel you have learnt enough because nothing is enough. So Learn, Learn and Learn….
  • See what other people are doing who is established in professional life and think about them.
  • Try to find, what they did and what they didn’t do?
  • Think about you, what are you doing? Are you doing the right things?
  • If not then why you are not doing this?
  • Define and prepare your goal…
  • Determination the plan to achieve that goal.
  • Now prepare the steps to achieve your goal.
  • Don’t try to achieve it at once. Start from first step…
  • Always think what are you doing? Are you doing in the best way?
  • Try to find the best approach if you are not following the best way.
  • Put your experience in your work.
  • Always try to learn anything you are feeling uncomfortable.
  • Never stop your learning….

Once upon a time one of my favorite person told me that “If I read one hour, I deposit money to bank“. Click here to see his relative post.

Keep in your mind that, learning is a type of investment. You will surely get return for your investment. Take a look at the biography of our governor Atiur Rahman to get inspiration.

By reading the biography of our governor you will believe that, if you really want to achieve something in your life, you can…..


  1. Thanks for this type of posting. I think this is an inspiration & helpful topics not only in professional life but also in personal life.

  2. Thanks for this type of posting. It is really true most of us think like that way which is not appropriate. Also it is very inspiring. Again thanks for this type of posting

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